U.S. To Admit More Central American Refugees

U.S. To Admit More Central American Refugees The White House on Tuesday announced an expansion of the program created to admit Central American refugees to the United States, which focuses on immigrants who are fleeing their home country due to dangerous conditions. Refugees come from all over the world, but over 50% of immigrants coming [...]

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Can Police Search Your Car if they Smell Marijuana?

What happens when a police officer says they smell marijuana? Often times, upon stopping a motor vehicle, police will claim they smell marijuana leading to a search that yields not only marijuana but other controlled substances. If the officers claim they smell marijuana, under current case law, law enforcement has a right to search the [...]

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Thousands of Children Now Covered in Access to Counsel Lawsuit

Immigration Assists Children Last week a federal court classified some of the governments actions unconstitutional.  The government failed to provide legal representation to illegal minors in deportation proceedings.  This lead to thousands of children to enter court proceedings against trained prosecutors with no legal aid. The lawsuit, F.L.B. v. Lynch, was filed in U.S. District [...]

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