Boynton Beach

Less then a month ago Boynton Beach decided to extend its red-light program for another five years. But, this last Thursday Boynton Beach City Commissioners decided to end the program starting the new year.

Boynton Beach is the only department in Palm Beach county that still enforces this program.

There are those who agree with the program and then there are those who do not agree with the program.

Commissioner Christina Romelus stated the following: “If we’re going to spend a million dollars a year and make a profit margin of something that barely is even making sense, I’d rather spend that million dollars on police officers…”

Commissioner Romelus voted for the red-light program in early August, but decided to change her mind later on.  It was her vote that determined the removal of this program.

A red-light camera ticket costs $158.  Of that $83 goes towards the state, and $75 goes to Boynton.  In a one-year period, an estimated amount of $ 3 million was collected due to the red-light camera program.

Many people believe that red-light cameras help prevent accidents at intersections, but that is not necessarily true.  There are many other factors that come to play when people get into accidents such as: driving while texting, driving under the influence, and even speeding.

Information came from the following Palm Beach Post Article