Theft In West Palm Beach

On September 29, 2016 a woman reported that she was missing several pieces of Jewelry from her collection. She told the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office that she does not know the exact date that they went missing; however, she stated that the only other person who was in her house was from a cleaning company.

This company was later on identified as: Luxury Maids, Inc. PBSO asked for their cooperation in this investigation, but the cleaning company denied to cooperate. This forced the PBSO to get a warrant to force the cleaning company to give them any and all information that had regarding their employees and their whereabouts during the week of the robbery.

As the PBSO conducted their investigation, they ran all of the employees against their system looking for criminal records, and any suspicious activity related to theft, or jewelry. In doing so PBSO found that one of the employees had a history for pawning suspicious items.

The suspect was identified as Katiuska Noda, who appeared to only have pawned jewelry.

On November 29, 2016 a PBSO officer reached out to her and asked her to come in for questioning. While she was questioned by the officer, she confessed to stealing the jewelry, and pawning the jewelry knowing that the jewelry was stolen.

At the end of the interview the officer read Noda her rights and arrested her for the theft of the jewelry.

Noda was charged with Grand Theft for items greater than $20,000 and less then $100,000 and dealing in stolen in property.

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