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Ayuda Sobre Una Consulta Legal

En este video le explican muchos detalles sobre una consulta de inmigración.  Hay muchos detalles y puntos que deben de entender antes de hablar con un abogado de inmigración en los Estados Unidos (E.E.U.U.)

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Ratings for Judges in Palm Beach County

ARTICLE TAKEN FROM THE PALM BEACH POST.  FULL ARTICLE HERE Long before former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist appointed Circuit Judge Meenu Sasser to the Palm Beach County bench in 2009, and before she came to Florida fresh out of law school with $100 to her name, she was a first grade ESOL student in the [...]

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TPS To End for Haiti

WASHINGTON -- According to a USCIS press release, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has officially decided to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for the country of Haiti.  With a delayed effective date of July 22, 2019 allowing eighteen (18) months for the people of Haiti to properly transition. This decision to terminate [...]

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TPS Ends For Nicaragua

Today, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that the Department of Homeland Security will terminate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designated for Nicaragua with a delayed effective date of 12 months. The TPS for Nicaragua is said to terminate on January 5, 2019. This decision was made after a review of the conditions upon which [...]

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Temporary Protected Status for Sudan to Terminate in November 2018

WASHINGTON—Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke has determined that conditions in Sudan no longer support its designation for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) after reviewing country conditions, and after Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials’ consultations with the appropriate U.S. government agencies. Acting Secretary Duke is extending benefits for beneficiaries of Sudan TPS for 12 [...]

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¿Que Paso Con La DACA? El Lic. Erick Navas está explicando lo que paso con el programa de la DACA.  El 5 de septiembre el Presidente Trump anuncio la terminación de la DACA.  En el podcast abajo el Lic. Erick Navas está hablando con la estación del radio 1190 dejándonos saber lo que ocurrió, y [...]

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Posibilidad De La Terminación Del Programa De DACA: Que Debes Saber

La especulación del fin del programa de DACA bajo el Presidente Trump es bien grande.  Si la administración del Presidente Trump cierra el programa de DACA, hay diferentes posibilidades en la manera que el programa será acabado.   Aquí hay unos pasos que uno puede tomar para prepararse para el futuro:   No Habrán Sus [...]

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Local Authorities Can’t Detain People Without Charges For ICE

The highest court in Massachusetts ruled Monday that local law enforcement cannot keep people in custody solely at the request of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The practice, often known as an "ICE detainer," enabled federal authorities to take a longer look at the immigration status of people whom they suspect might be in the [...]

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‘Habitual Drinkers’ Can Be Deported

Recently there have been some issues arising regarding DUI charges and an individual's immigration status.  Unauthorized immigrants who are "habitual drunkards" cannot challenge their deportations on grounds of family hardship, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, rejecting an earlier decision that had declared such legal objections unconstitutional. Federal law allows immigrants who entered the country [...]

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Trump Administration is Looking Into Haitian Immigrants

WASHINGTON -- President Trump and the Trump administration are taking a very strange approach to hunt for evidence against the Haitian Immigrant Community. In President Trump's immigration policy, he is deciding whether to allow Haitian Immigrant's to continue participating in a humanitarian program that has shielded tens of thousands of them. Inquiries were made into [...]

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