14-Year-Old Girl, Charged As Adult in Martin County Car Burglaries

Deputies arrested a 14-year-old girl on Friday night after a Martin County Sheriff’s Office helicopter caught her burglarizing multiple cars in a Martin County neighborhood. Mirla Kroll is being charged as an adult on felony charges of burglary and theft, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Footage from the helicopter shows Kroll, checking for [...]

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Thieves Use Homeland Security Phone Number To Steal Identities

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Scam artists have taken their identity theft to the next level.  They are calling victims across the country claiming that they work for "U.S. Immigration," asking for personal information, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general warned. The scam artists are using a technique known as spoofing, which basically means they alter their [...]

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Cleaning Lady Accused of Stealing $38,000 in Jewelry

Theft In West Palm Beach On September 29, 2016 a woman reported that she was missing several pieces of Jewelry from her collection. She told the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office that she does not know the exact date that they went missing; however, she stated that the only other person who was in her house [...]

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From Migrant Farmworker to Judge: Ness Flores Is Pathbreaker for Latino Lawyers

Migrant Working Family Flores was born in the great state of Texas; his father was a Texan and his mother was a Mexican. He grew up in a very segregated community in southern Texas, approximately 15 miles from the Mexican border. He spoke only Spanish until he started school at 7 years old. His father [...]

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Cuban Rafter Is Charged With Assault

What happened that day? On June 25, eleven Cubans on an old wooden boat tried to reach South Florida, as three law enforcement agencies chased them down at sea. In the air there was a chopper recording everything; showing the rest of the world what happened that day. Before the immigrants could make it to land, [...]

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Man Spent 28 Years in Prison After His Friend Accused Him of Murder. Now, The Friend Said He Lied.

What Happened in 1988? Johnny Small was only 16 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison in the year 1989. In 1988 15 year-old Small was accused of murdering a 32 year-old woman named Pam Dreher, she was found dead in Tropical Paradise, the pet store she owned in Wilmington. She was [...]

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Can Police Search Your Car if they Smell Marijuana?

What happens when a police officer says they smell marijuana? Often times, upon stopping a motor vehicle, police will claim they smell marijuana leading to a search that yields not only marijuana but other controlled substances. If the officers claim they smell marijuana, under current case law, law enforcement has a right to search the [...]

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The Haitian Born West Point Cadet Achieves the American Dream

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THLVU_Xp4jo&feature=youtu.be This video is a testament, even an illustrative mission statement., for why we at Rivera Law Offices do what we do. Our law firm will always lead the fight for those wanting the american dream. Our mission statement at Rivera Law Offices is about changing the people's lives for the better. Need Help? [...]

Fight Begins Over Whether Judge Seat Should Be Elected or Appointed

Elected or Appointed A couple of weeks ago we added a post that spoke about Governor Rick Scott trying to appoint a judge in a (soon to be) empty judge's seat.  There are two sides to this issue, some believe that he does not hold the power to appoint a judge, but others would beg [...]

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Does Governor Scott plan to replace a judge illegally?

This past weekend Florida Governor Rick Scott stated he planned on replacing a judge in the Palm Beach County Bench.  He publicly stated that he planned on replacing Judge Laura Johnson (who is resigning) and skipping the voting process for the selection of a new judge.  Florida law clearly states that "...the replacement is to [...]

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