Ratings for Judges in Palm Beach County

ARTICLE TAKEN FROM THE PALM BEACH POST.  FULL ARTICLE HERE Long before former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist appointed Circuit Judge Meenu Sasser to the Palm Beach County bench in 2009, and before she came to Florida fresh out of law school with $100 to her name, she was a first grade ESOL student in the [...]

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¿Que Paso Con La DACA? El Lic. Erick Navas está explicando lo que paso con el programa de la DACA.  El 5 de septiembre el Presidente Trump anuncio la terminación de la DACA.  En el podcast abajo el Lic. Erick Navas está hablando con la estación del radio 1190 dejándonos saber lo que ocurrió, y [...]

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Immigration Relief for Those Affected by Severe Earthquakes

Immigration Relief USCIS offers immigration relief measures for people affected by natural disasters, such as the severe earthquakes that recently occurred in Ecuador, Japan and Burma.  Here are a few ways in which the USCIC is trying to help those who were affected by natural disasters: Consideration of fee waivers due to an inability to [...]

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